Monday, April 06, 2009

Looking for Western Food?

Hi all..

Im back again. I just want to know is there anyone of you starving for Western food?How about "LASAGNA"? tuk kali ini i want to promote to  you the best ever HOMEMADE "LASAGNA". Actually my sis n brother-in-law were just starting to make a business on this homemade frozen Lasagna. As you all should know my B.I.L is a good chef in cooking western food. Mcm aku ni takleh nk standing ngn dia la. Bab2 masakan western ni mmg he's the best. So kalu ade sesape yg nk amik order bleh la menghantar email to : (Puan Nury) or (Puan Intan).

The homemade frozen lasagna can be order with your choice chicken or beef with the price RM10 only.  This Lasagna can be bake at the oven or microwave. If you are using a microwave make sure that the lasagna has to be taken out from the aluminium foil. More yummy kalu dibakarkan dalam oven.

Ordering utk jamuan mkn2 atau party pun bleh dibuat. For the delivery can be made around Petaling Jaya & Klang Valley & Putrajaya or you can pick up my sis place at Cheras. But this will depends on time n place. Tade masalah. Do please order, try and taste it. For sure u will want more. BON APETITE!